Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Owning a Pet Shop

Owning a Pet Shop can be a dream of many pets lovers. Would not it be wonderful if you can work with pets and earn money at the same time? There are two parts to this wonderful idea. One is the wonderful part whereby you gets to have all the pets while you work on them. The other part is the hard truth of earning money to sustain the business. Let talk about the wonderful part first.

Wonder Work Life with Pets
Pet lovers will love to be with their own pets and other pets. I am also a pet lover and it will be great to cast all the stupid work stuff aside and play with all the pets everyday. These innocent looking pets are the best boss or customers you can get. They will not scold at you, they will not pick the minor errors that you have committed. Pets will not set targets or daily jobs you need to complete by the end of the day or week. Of course there are poo and pee to clear at the end of the day. Easy job i will say. Nice job that one loves to have facing cute pets all day long.

Sustainable Pet Shop
To sustain your pet shop, you need to consider many running and fixed cost. One major fixed cost is to have the big budget to buy over a shop or rent a shop with renovation. Renting a shop may need 2 months rental which can be about $10k depending on the location and size. Renovation of the shop and if it is an empty shop, you need to buy all the necessary furniture, grooming equipment, getting the first load of pet food and accessories. Maybe that will be another $20k of fixed cost. Do i mentioned about 30k of fixed cost? Other fixed cost are company registration cost, a good website for your company, a vehicle to transport the pets. If the vehicle is by installments, you might be looking at another $5k with deposits etc. If you have sufficient savings, this can be achieved easily and you need some excess funds in your company bank accounts for buying and adding funds. All in all, i guess a minimum of $35k fixed investment.

Running cost is the main headache and i think in Singapore, this is a headache for many people. First money sucker is the shop rental. Singapore shop rental can range from $2k to $10k per month depending on location and size. How many grooming do you need to do to cover this let say $3k of rental? Per dog grooming maybe $50 and you need to clear 60 dogs per month and that means 2 dogs per day. Do you have that number of dogs coming for grooming? Another running cost is the utilities bills which can easily hit a $500 per month. I guess min running cost of a shop is $4k excluding staff income and own income. If you add your income say $2k and staff income of $1k, that means $7k running cost and means 140 dogs per month, 5 dogs per day. Of course there are other means of income like pet food and services. Of course pet sales is a good revenue business but i do not encourage that as it push pet mills... Sad place for the pets..

You also need to recover the fixed cost invested into this company. Let's say 2 years time to recover the cost. Earlier i mentioned about $35k of fixed investment, this means monthly of extra revenue $1.5k. Adding to your running cost of $7k, we are looking at close to $9k revenue minimum. Interesting figure to balance every month. It can be a cruel fact of life that one need to work hard even at a happy place.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pet Sterilization Singapore

Pet Sterilization in Singapore is very common. Why do people in Singapore send their pets especially dogs for sterilization? For the most popular land pet which is the dog, sterilization is the most effective way to birth control. This avoid your pet from getting babies and can easily mix with other pets in dog daycare singapore as well with a peace of mind. You do not need to be worried that your pet dog is suddenly pregnant and you do not know who is the father to the puppies and what you are going to do with these puppies.
Dog sterilization is a surgical procedure to remove their reproductive organs from the dog. In the case for male dogs, its will be the testicles. For the female dog, it will be the ovaries and the womb. The sterilization procedure must be done by a licensed vet and not in any Pet Shop Singapore who has the skills to operate and ensure the safe and smooth recovery of the pet. The duration of sterilization is also very fast within an hour. People use terminology like spayed pet for pet which are sterilized.
What are the benefits of sterilization in a dog. For female dog, of course you can save it from the trouble of getting puppies. There are other health effects like reduction of mammary cancer development. Total removal of possibility of womb infection due to non existence of the womb. Lastly is she does not come to heat and ensure emotional stability.
Benefits of dog sterilization in male dogs is that they do not urinate anywhere and “shooting” at other male dogs. Spayed male dogs are more calm and easier to control for the owner and also for dog grooming. They are less active too and it also helps to prolong their lifespan too. As such, many pets owners are sending their pets for sterilization.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pet Shop in Singapore

Singapore Pet Shop
Pet Shop Singapore is a growing business nowadays. More and more people are getting pets for their family. Some people are buying pets because of loneliness. In Singapore, there is too much time spend on work and people tends to have lesser social life and thus, start to lose contact with friends.

Pet for Home
Getting a pet out of boredom is good if you have sufficient time for your pet like dogs, cats or hamster etc. For pets like dogs, they are emotional animals that will require attention and effort to communicate and tend to them. Other pets like cats, hamsters or fish does not requires much attention. Your home environment is also important. Big dogs will need alot of space to run about and if you are not able to give them this space, it will be better to let them go to some dog daycare or visit dog run park. Fish will need a cool home and correct location for the fish to survive. When you choose a pet, be sure that you can cater for their needs or vice versa.

Pet Care
Some pet will need special care. These care can be said as grooming or maintaining. For example dog care means dog grooming. There are basic grooming and full grooming for dogs. Usually pet shops do cater for such services. Dog basic grooming usually involved wash and blow, trimming of nails, cleaning of the ears, trimming under belly and in-between paws. Full dog grooming will has an additional effort to style the dog by trimming the fur to nice shape. Other services of pet care are de-ticking, spa, etc. Cats and hamster do have grooming but the demand is lesser due to the lesser numbers of cats and hamsters in singapore. Fish does not need much care beside proper water quality and fish food intake. Pet Hotel Singapore is an alternative for your pets to stay while you are away but make sure that they are well taken off. You may try to google for keywords like dog boarding singapore, dog hotels singapore etc.

Pets for Life
Be sure that you think properly before getting a pet. Pets are for life and you do not rent them for a couple of months and release them to fight for their own in the wild or public. They might not survive the wild environment after been pampered for a long time.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pets Singapore - Getting One

Pets in Singapore usually comes from overseas. Pet Shops Singapore import your pets like dogs, cats, ornamental birds, rabbits, guinea pigs and other pets. The importer who is usually the pet shop will need to apply an import licence from the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (in short is AVA) within 30 days prior to the date of arrival. 

Application for the license can be made with the online form. Do allow two working days to process the permit upon receipt of the duly completed application and with all the necessary supporting documents.

Typically the validity of the license is about 30 days from the date of issue. So do not delay or make any mistake. The cost of this license is 50 Singapore Dollars. Extra charges of similar value will be imposed if shorter period of 2 workings days is requested.

A coloured photo of the dog showing the face and body clearly must be attached with your online application especially for mixed and coloured dogs.  This is to help AVA to verify that it is not a breed which is prohibited from import into Singapore.

All dogs above three months of age must be licensed with AVA. A maximum of one scheduled dog can be licensed per non-HDB premise and no scheduled dog can be kept at HDB premise. HDB is Housing Development Board. They help to build housing units at a subsidised rate to make it more affordable for Singapore to purchase and live in.

The import of personal pets must comply with AVA's veterinary conditions which includes requirements such as health certification, quarantine and inspection by AVA.  Different pets from different countries have different regulations to be imported in. Please check the site on AVA for more information on more Pets Information in Singapore.